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  • Thursday, 2nd May, 2019
  • 17:32pm
One Eleven Billing FAQ

What is One Eleven?

One Eleven is the new name for web and hosting services that ICG Link has sold for many years. It takes the place of 111 Web Studio, which is how ICG Link has branded itself. We have a broad spectrum of customers in a variety of industries and all of our web hosting products are part of One Eleven, among them: cPanel Hosting, DNS Service, Colocation, Domain Registrations, Mini Hosting, Secure Web (Sweb) hosting, Share111, Build111, Church111, eBlast111 and Spam111. We have kept the names of these services the same in order to give you some familiarity amidst all the changes going on.

Okay, but WHO is One Eleven?

One Eleven is ICG Link's branded services but ICG Link was acquired by Multiply, LLC in 2017 and it still operates as a subsidiary of Multiply. So, to keep things easy, you can still make your payments to ICG Link. If you need an updated W-9, you can download it here.

Then, who is Multiply?

We're a Tennessee-based LLC that was formed by veteran Internet entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in web hosting and email services; web and app design; web and app programming; enterprise software architecture; custom development; consulting; video production; and digital marketing.

How does all of this affect me and my services?

Our goal is for this to mean nothing but good things for our customers. After all, we bought the business because of YOU! Since August, 2017, you've probably noticed some changes or even talked to our new owners, Byron and Thomas. We've listened to your stories about your experiences with ICG Link/111 Web studio and you've given us a LOT of good information to help us improve our services and make One Eleven the best that it can be.

Right off the bat, we launched a new technical support ticketing system to record, log, track and solve your support needs with more precision, accuracy and efficiency. We embarked on an ambitious plan to completely overhaul and modernize our systems architecture. This overhaul is ongoing and will be completed in the fall of 2019. It's a cloud-based system that promises to exponentially improve the speed, security and reliability of web hosting and email services. Customers and services are being migrated to our new systems even now! We have new programmers (based in the United States) whose skills and expertise are proven and who are highly qualified for our custom development projects. Our digital marketing services are completely revamped and offer much more data-driven, analytically-focused strategies to pinpoint the best possible areas for our customers' opportunities to achieve their goals for growth and expansion.

But right now, our next big change is the billing system....

How are you going to bill me and how will it change what I have been doing to pay you?

Oh, let us count the ways. Truth is, ICG Link/111 Web Studio has never had an automated system for billing our customers. The information needed for your invoice came from a database that was used to maintain an accounting of everything that we did for our customers. Lots of manual tasks made the process prone to errors and mistakes. We knew from day one that this was not the right way to run this business, especially if we want to grow (and we do). Our research enabled us to choose a system that would fit nicely with the other things that we envisioned for One Eleven and would provide the opportunities for an improved customer experience, not just with billing but with everything! This is an ambitious undertaking and it's going to take some time to get it fully operational. During this interim period, we ask for your patience because we might send you something that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. We promise that we'll make it right!

Thanks for the enthusiastic disclaimer but what are the specific things that I need to know?

Okay, sorry. We want to do this right but taking a first-generation web services company with thousands of services and overhauling its billing system is bound to include some bumpy transitions. Here are some things to know:

  1. Starting May 2019, invoices that are emailed will come from accounting@oneelevendigital.com. Invoices that are mailed will still come from ICG Link.

  2. We will now be billing customers based on the actual date of their services. For example, if your most recent invoice was on April 1 and it was for a service to be provide for the month of May, the first invoice that you receive from the new system will have a due date of June 1 and the invoice date will be issued approximately 25 days (around May 5). Going forward, the constant will be the service date and not necessarily the billing date since there can different days in the month.

  3. The main exception to number 2 is domain names. Because a domain can be registered on any day of the year, the domain registrar service can only establish an expiration date (and thus a renewal date) one, two, three (etc.) years away. So, let's say you get a monthly invoice for your services. Your DOMAIN NAME renewal will likely NOT show up on the 1st. Because our registrar requests payment in advance of the expiration date, we will start notifying you about 45 days before the renewal date of the upcoming renewal of the domain. Renewal dates are usually 30 days prior to the actual expiration date. Why? We want to give you plenty of advance notice of domain renewals in case you want want to make a change before the registrar collects the payment and advances the expiration date. There are no refunds for domains that get renewed.

  4. Another thing about domain names- our new billing system treats web services, email, add-on services like extra space, spam111, etc. like products that you buy and activate. Domains are a little different because just about everything that we do for you relies on you owning a domain name. It may or may not be registered through us but you're not likely to have an email service, website or much of anything if we can't identify it with a domain name. That means everything we are selling will likely be identified by a domain.

  5. Our new billing system is really focused on invoicing and not statements. So, an invoice in the new system is only going to show the date of the invoice, the service(s) provided and the period covered by the service(s), the due date and that's about it. If you have an outstanding invoice, it will NOT show up. However, because everything we do will be part of our accounting system, we can always provide a separate statement. Just let us know what you need and we'll get it to you.

  6. If the information in number 5 is confusing, seems counter-intuitive or unfriendly, the system ALSO provides a customer portal that we think will more than make up for the change in information that you might want to see on your invoice. This is a radical change because, for the first time, you will be able to view your outstanding invoices, change/update your payment method, change/update your account contacts and information, review your active services (including domains), see your support tickets and, eventually, order new services. This customer interface will also allow you to pay outstanding invoices together. If you receive your invoice via email, a link to your account will be provided. If you need assistance signing in, email us at support@icglink.com. If you receive your invoice via the postal service, you will need to contact us (support@icglink.com) or call us at 615-37-1530 (option 1) to get assistance in accessing your customer portal. Note that if you currently subscribe to the Build111 or Church111 service, the interface for managing your website is NOT the same thing as the customer portal and the login credentials will be different. The key takeaway is that invoices will now just be PART of your customer billing relationship with us and the new system really wants us to have a central location for you to engage with us about all of the services that you have.

What about payment methods? Can I FINALLY pay you with a bank account draft?

We've heard many of you loud and clear about how much you want this and we are getting very close! The service has been ordered and set up and we're just getting a few things finalized to ensure a smooth payment process with our processor. So, right now, we only accept checks and credit/debit cards. Here are the current options:

  1. Mail check- if you have historically paid us by check, we will select "Mail in Payment" as your default form of payment. Payment instructions will be simple but the process is largely the same- submit your payment to ICG Link at 7003 Chadwick Dr., Suite 111, Brentwood, TN 37027.

  2. Pay by credit/debit card that you enter each time - if you go online to pay by entering a card each billing cycle, your invoice will be set to default to "Mail In Payment." In other words, we will invoice you the same way that we invoice check paying customers. You will have the convenience of going to the link provided in your invoice email to access your customer portal and pay your bill.

  3. Automatic card payment- If you hav previously provided us with your card, we will import it in to your account in the new system. The card will automatically be charged about five days after the invoice has been created. The good news for you is that we will be notifying you in advance of any upcoming expiration dates so that you can update your card payment information on file.

  4. Bank Draft - Coming soon and very soon. We promise! However, as of now, your bank draft information is NOT stored so you will still be invoiced and prompted to pay on your customer portal. When the bank draft option is available and taken live, there will simply be an additional payment option which you can choose to provide your bank account information. You will need to include the bank draft information each billing cycle.

I got a statement from accounting@icglink.com indicating that I have a balance. What do I do?

On May 1, we sent out statements to any customer with a balance on their account, positive or negative. If you have a positive balance, we ask that you remit that at your earliest convenience and not include it in any payments for services from the new system. This will ensure that the payments are allocated appropriately. If you have a credit balance, we have already carried that over into the new system and will apply it invoices, where appropriate, to future invoices as they are generated in the new system.


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