Sending a check? Please RECONSIDER!

  • Thursday, 3rd September, 2020
  • 20:07pm

Friends, it's a bit weird out there. It probably is not a surprise that, because we are a digital/tech company, our staff is largely able to work from home as we do what we can to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus and take care of family and loved ones who are not able to go to school or leave our homes.

As we have indicated in our billing emails, our mail is being forwarded and this is causing delays, bad ones. It's getting worse. Cutbacks at the United States Postal Service have led to noticeable issues in mail delivery. So, we're dealing with a double whammy. To cite some examples: mail that had a June postmark did not arrive at our final delivery location until August; some mail was returned to bill payment services because they have a "no forwarding" rule; some mail was returned because the USPS inaccurately classified the mail as "undeliverable;" and some mail had just disappeared. 

Our new, permanent, mailing address for payments is:

Multiply, LLC
7051 Highway 70 S
Nashville, TN 37221

Note that this is ONLY an address to send us mail and payments.

But this brings us to a point. Why are you STILL sending a check? We understand financial controls and security protocols when it comes to handling accounting but we would argue that mailing paper checks anymore is not a safe, predictable process. When we hear, "the check is in the mail," we no longer feel assured of its arrival. And when it doesn't arrive, our billing system is going to annoy you. Truth is, we are an internet company and we may be the only internet company that actually accepts checks for payment. We can think of no others. Really, we can't. Signing up for internet services does not usually include a "do you want this really cool virtual service while relying upon a payment process that will take up to weeks or months to pay for it?" Nope. You order the service and you pay for it right then. Online. Easily. Painlessly. Securely. 

While we don't currently plan to discontinue the check payment option right away, we DO plan to discontinue it at some point. But, in addition to paying with a card (and we know some of you eschew that option with great vigor and drama), you DO have the option right now, at this very moment, to pay with our eCheck service. It is just like paying with a check except it happens virtually. Your account gets instant credit. You don't pay any more for the convenience. You don't have to send a response to our "nasty-gram" with an "I mailed it TWO WEEKS ago" email.

Seriously, please don't send a check in the mail to pay. If you DO need to send a check, please consider switching to annual or semi-annual payment so you don't run the risk of getting lapped by the next invoice. Also, use our online billing system to log in, check your invoice status and look to see if any payments might not have been applied. If they have not, contact us at 615-370-1530 or

Also, know this- when your check arrives, we enter the payment the same day, next day at the latest, so your account gets credit as soon as possible. We know that mail is arriving much slower so we are not letting checks just sit around. Outside of that, there really isn't more we can do but convince you of the magic of using our online billing portal to pay with a card or eCheck.

We're internet people. It's kind of our thing to use the internet for things like this anyway.

Thanks for your consideration and, as always, thank you for your business!

One Eleven Accounting 

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