Multiply, LLC W-9

Please note that while we are an LLC, the IRS officially recognizes us an S Corp for tax purposes so we are not eligible for a 1099. For a copy of our W-9, please download here.


12th Jan 2021
Card and eCheck processing are back online.

We updated our card processor account and, while everything was fine on Friday, nothing worked on Saturday. We couldn't get things back online until Monday, 1/11. We're sorry for any inconvenience. 

We will run our normal schedule for automatic payments as we finish up checking everything out. 

Thanks for your patience!

11th Jan 2021
IMPORTANT - 1/9/21 Online Payments Are Temporarily Suspended

We encountered an issue starting the morning of January 9, 2021, in which are card processor started to declining legitimate card transactions. We have attempted to suspend automatic transactions until our processor can solve the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide an update when the problem is solved.

Thank you

9th Jan 2021
New Mailing Address Effective Immediately

We continue to deal with delivery issues to our temporary forward address. As of today, we have set up a permanent mailing address for payments. This is not our workplace so please do not look for us there! We continue to advise all customers to use our online billing portal to pay by eCheck (bank draft) or card. If this is not possible, please ... Læs mere »

8th Sept 2020