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Spam is unsolicited (unwanted) email. It can be anything from honest solicitations from legitimate businesses who have made the mistake of believing that people will welcome their message, to outrageous, obnoxious or illegal schemes to make money in various ways.

We have a strict anti-spam (unsolicited mass e-mail) policy and prohibit the use of our services for sending unsolicited commercial messages or messages where the recipient objects to the content or to the receipt of the message in general. This prohibition extends to the sending messages from another service which in any way implicates the use of our service, equipment or any of our mail addresses. Forging the message header, in part or whole, of any electronic transmission, originating or passing through our services is prohibited. If we receive complaints (and we WILL receive LOTS of complaints) that a user has participated in such abuse, an investigation will be initiated and action will be taken up to and including termination of service.

By the same token, you are welcome to send mail to clients or others who have signed up to receive information from you. Just make sure your list is "clean". Visit our policies page for more information on our attitude towards spam.

We do not have anti-spam filters or rules in place for outgoing mail, so you can send as many messages as you like at one time to your own customers. To make the process easier and more useful, we offer an eBlast111 mailing list service. One advantage of eBlast111 is that it is self managing. People can sign up and remove themselves without you being involved. When you sign up for this service, a page can be set up on your site where people can subscribe to your list. Every message has an unsubscribe at the bottom and is Can SPAM Act compliant. eBlast111 is particularly good for large lists since you create a single message and the system sends it out to everyone on the list. This avoids taxing your system resources. Instead it uses our resources to deliver the message.

With regard to incoming spam, while you can never get rid of all of it, we offer Spam Filtering and Tagging along with some Spam Prevention Tips you can use to cut out a lot of it.

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